#50 Precious Words Contest

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#50 Precious Words Contest

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Ms. Vivian Wakefield, the author of “Sweet Dreams, Sarah”, and the new “Show Me How!” series for parents, teachers, grandparents and day care providers, is launching her #50PreciousWords contest. All we have to do is write a 50-word story for children 12 years old and under. So, here’s my entry, with my friends Olivia and The Mush:

This is Olivia,
And this is The Mush.
She is a cat.
And, he is a cat too!
Olivia likes flowers.
And, The Mush likes hats.
Olivia likes to run.
and The Mush likes to sleep.
They are good friends.
Two cats,
In one house…
Oh my goodness!

Take a peek at Olivia and The Mush!

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