Olivia and The Mush is live!

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Olivia and The Mush is live!

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Well, my cats are now loose! Olivia and The Mush are now officially alive on Amazon.com, as a Kindle e-book. I’ll be uploading to IngramSpark, Smashwords and Kobo soon. The Spanish translation is in progress, and I’ve got ideas for other formats too.

A twist: Since I couldn’t find an illustrator, I decided to make it a Draw Your Own Character book. There’s a note inside to parents to encourage them to have their children draw the characters and scenes as they are read. I’ve also suggested that they send me the illustrations; this ought to be interesting!

I’ve got three more ‘episodes’ in the pipeline, so I’ll be adding to the series. Glad to have it online, after four years in the making!

And, by the way, the author’s name is Marie Lopez…!OM Kobo skinnier book cover PNG

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