Wazza Word for Oct. 24th

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Wazza Word for Oct. 24th

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For once, I’m actually on time with this week’s Wazza Word. It’s in Spanish and it’s:
Why this word? Just say it in a low, sneaky, sly voice, and it sure seems to fit its meaning – to crouch down, squat, but not necessarily in a benevolent way.
There’s a metaphor in the Bible at Genesis 6:7 which uses this word so well: “Pero si no te diriges a hacer lo bueno, hay pecado AGAZAPADO a la entrada, y su deseo vehemente es por ti; y tú, por tu parte, ¿lograrás el dominio sobre él?” Just seems to fit the context!
And, the learning quote for the week:
“It is not hard to learn more.  What is hard is to unlearn when you discover yourself wrong.”  Martin H. Fischer

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