Wazza Word for the week of May 7th

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Wazza Word for the week of May 7th

This week we’ll talk about Quichua. And, I’ve asked for help from those who are learning Quichua. So, this is from a friend in the northern part of Ecuador, Otavalo, who has contributed this week’s word:


She says that she likes this word because when you say it, it sounds like a telephone. And, that helps you to remember its meaning: EAR. But, the challenge is to say it the way that the Indians say it, with a unique sound to both ‘R’s. It’s not a rolling “R”, rather one that sounds almost like a Spanish “sh” or a “ch”, but it’s not really like either one of them. You’ve got to listen carefully to get it!

And, the learning quote, from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.:
“Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions”. Keep your mind stretched!


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