What’s involved in learning a foreign language?

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What’s involved in learning a foreign language?

While reading the November issue of GLANJO, the monthly journal of the Global Language Association, I came across this quote on page 3:

“To learn a foreign language, one
must hear it and to know how to listen
to it, that is, to be capable of enumerating
it, appreciating it, analyzing it in all
its parameters, its modulations, its inflections.
One must be able to hear the
stresses, the fading, the slackening of
its sounds, the cadence of its phrases,
its frequential sequences. To enter such
a subtle linguistic universe, one must
also enter into the psychology of the
person who is invested in it, to resound
to the accent of her or his soul.”

Dr. Alfred Tomatis

The more you learn, the more interesting it gets…


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