Wazza Words is back!

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Wazza Words is back!

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Sorry, folks, but it’s been a hard winter on me. I had a relapse of both bronchitis and asthma,  but finally seem to have found a treatment that appears to be doing the trick. I’ve only updated the Wazza Words on my Twitter and Facebook pages, but not on this website. Mea culpa!Anyway, you’ve missed three letters: “m”, “t” and “x”. Quichua wasn’t able to contribute anything to “x”, sadly. Here are the Wazza Words for those letters:M – MACERATION, MADRECLAVO and MUNANAYAY. (I like MUNANAYAY, because it describes what a chocoholic feels when he or she sees chocolate!T – THREPSOLOGY, TONEL and TANKANAX – XENON and XILOGRAFÍAAnd, my favorite learning quote of all three weeks missed is this one:You don’t need to know very much to start with, if you know the way to the public library.  ~Lesley Conger See you Monday!


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